I created the Free 5 Day Website Challenge to empower solopreneurs to build their own self-hosted WordPress site from start to finish. Even if you already have a website, you’ll find a ton of value in the 5 Day Website Challenge. Click here to sign up!

Email List Building

Take Nathalie Lussier’s free 30 Day List Building Challenge and learn how to grow your email list – even if you have zero subscribers! I’ve used her strategies to build my list from 0 to thousands of highly targeted subscribers.

Email Marketing

With MailChimp, you can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for FREE. You can upgrade and get automation where you send a series of emails automatically, sometimes even based on user behavior. And if you want to master all of MailChimp’s advanced features and automation, check out my MailChimp Master Class!

New Business Owners

This free 3 Month Hustle Checklist from Becca Tracey of the Uncaged Life will help you focus on what matters so you don’t get lost in the vortex of overwhelm, confusion, and lack of focus. You will learn: how to get started and set the foundations (where to focus and what to skip); how to get organized and create systems (to help you stay on track), and how to grow and market for the long-term (the essentials that will get you there faster).

Graphic Design

Easily & quickly create beautiful branded graphics for your social media accounts and your website using the free graphic design tool, Canva! And if you want to take your Canva skills to the next level and save yourself even more time, check out my Canva Master Class!

Social Media

Connecting with your followers & engaging with them on social media platforms is valued currency. SIZE MATTERS but the speed at which your lists grow is much less important than the fact that it IS growing. Join Vicki Fitch’s free 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge where she’ll while share tips and tricks each week to help you get traction out of the most popular or progressive social media platforms so you can utilize a FREE way to build your business and your brand.


Want to know who’s visiting your site, how they found you, what they looked at and if they opted in? Combine the free Monster Insights plugin with a free Google Analytics account and you’ve got a powerhouse combo! Throw in my Google Analytics Master Class and you’ll be unstoppable!

Appointment Scheduling

Acuity is a free online booking program that lets you create your own schedule so people know up front when you can work with them. Customers can book appointments, pay, fill out intake forms and more with this amazing free tool!

Task Automation

Zapier is a tool you can use for automating mindless tasks. It connects different services together, taking the extra work away from you. It’s like my personal assistant – it’s working for me behind the scenes all the time!

Project Management

With Asana you can create and manage multiple client projects, upload files, schedule tasks, keep track of conversations, assign due dates and collaborate with your team members to keep projects on track. I use it with my VA, my clients and for myself to keep me on task.


WooCommerce is a powerful free plugin for selling your products online! It comes with PayPal integration right out of the box. To get up and running with WooCommerce fast, check out my How to Sell Your Stuff Online course!

Organization & Goal Setting

Chalene Johnson’s free 30 Day Push was the catalyst for me deciding to start my own business! This 30 day challenge will help you organize & prioritize your life, master organization and help you achieve your goals!

Hiring Freelancers

One Woman Shop’s Prior to the Hire E-book will help you know exactly what to ask when hiring graphic designers, lawyers, accountants, web developers, copywriters, photographers and much more! Download your free copy today! Also, be sure to grab their free e-book – The Road to Solopreneur Success.