Introducing the…

A Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a
Profitable Web Design Business

You’ve BEEN DAYDREAMING ABOUT starting a freelance web design business for years.

But this time, you’re serious. You’re sick of the daily grind, and it’s time to make a plan. So you pull out a pen and a piece of paper and start making a list of how you’re gonna make it happen.

Your plan looks something like this:

1. Learn to code.

2. Do a few projects for free to build my portfolio so I have something to show future clients.

3. Build my website after I’ve got a few client sites under my belt and have a portfolio to show.

4. Ask the clients I build free sites for to refer me to their friends and family.

5. Raise my prices as I gain more experience.

“Ugh,” you think, as you crumble the list and throw it in the trash can under your desk. “This is going to take forever. When am I going to find time to learn to code? And work for free? I can’t afford to work for free!”

I can help you build the web design business you’ve been dreaming of.

I’ll show you how to create a steady stream of income and build credibility without having a single client or a portfolio. I’ll show you how to stand out from all the other web designers out there and position yourself as an expert (even if you don’t know how to code). And I’ll teach you how to find paying clients that you love to work with!


  • You have a full time job and/or a family and feel like there’s not enough time left over to start a web design business. You’d have to charge waaaayyyy to much an hour to make it worth it.
  • Talking about money and pricing and selling your services makes you want to give up the dream and resign yourself to sitting in rush hour traffic for two hours a day.
  • You feel like a total imposter because you don’t know how to write code or you’ve never had a “real” client. You don’t even have a portfolio! Who would hire someone without seeing a portfolio?
  • You have no idea how you would even get a client, let alone a client who you pay you because you’ve never had someone pay you before.
  • You absolutely love solving problems, being creative, and bringing a vision to life. You feel like nothing’s impossible, there’s always a way and you’re determined to find it!
  • You love to roll up your sleeves and dig in, and you know that you’d do an amazing job on a website if given the chance!

  • Earn steady income without having a single client.
  • Build credibility without having a design portfolio.
  • Attract the right clients—the kind you love to work with.
  • Create and price your services so that you never worry about how much to charge again.
  • Sell your services without “selling” so that by the time the client gets on the phone with you, they have already decided to hire you!
  • Get paid on time so you don’t have to have awkward conversations about money.
  • Schedule projects so that you’re working only when you want to work.
  • Build websites in a way that saves you time and makes you more money.

The Web Designer Academy is packed with info and well worth the cost. Shannon offered a wealth of information, what felt like years of accumulated knowledge, tips, tricks and best practices on how to overcome initial fears and set up a solid business. Thank you! My imposter syndrome has all but disappeared and I am ready to roll! – Tekla

First, you get 6 video lessons that show you how to make money from the start before you land your first client.

  • Market your web design business without having to “sell”.
  • Position yourself as an expert in a way that feels authentic to you and your current skillset.
  • Build credibility without having a single client or a portfolio.
  • Master the skillset you need to stand out from all the other web designers out there.
  • Find prospects and how to turn them into clients that you love to work with.
  • Create a steady stream of income without having a single client.

Then, you get 6 more video lessons that show you run your web design business (so that it doesn’t run you!)

  • Create and price your services so that you earn what you deserve
  • Do client consultations with confidence.
  • Set client expectations to make working together a breeze
  • Serve clients in a way that makes them rave about you.
  • Create websites in a way that saves you time, increases your revenue and wow your clients.
  • Hire and manage contractors (& what to do if they don’t follow through)
  • Ensure referrals & repeat business.
  • Manage your time so you can do it all while working and/or parenting full-time!

And since I’m your BFF, I’ll also give you…

  • Action steps all along the way so you can be confident that you’re doing it right!
  • All of the tools and programs I use to run my web design business and how and when to use them so that you’re not wasting your time and money on things that don’t work.
  • Email Templates for the whole entire sales and design process
  • Proposal & Contract Templates to make sure you get paid before you spend any time on a project!
  • Consultation Process Map to show you how to follow up and close the sale like a boss (without feeling nervous, fraud-y or icky).
  • Development Project Process Maps and Checklists of my exact development process that saves HOURS of time.

“Before the Web Designer Academy, I felt confident in my development skills, but I worried about getting noticed, wondered what I didn’t know and wanted some best practices to streamline my admin processes. With the tools and guidance from this course, I feel much more confident and clearer about the road ahead!”  Maren








Save $367 



60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know the Web Designer Academy works because it’s the exact same process that’s  behind the success in my business and that of my students!

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other course building trainings have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to buy it with absolute confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 60 DAYS to implement at least the first 6 weeks of the program and build the foundation of your web design business. 

View Full Refund Policy

Shannon’s Web Designer Academy helped me so much with my freelancing business. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to break down and absorb.

The templates, contracts and processes were exactly what I needed to help me figure out where to take my business. I was struggling with having an effective process and the academy was the hand holding I desired to help walk me through what I needed to have in place to help make my business a success. 

Shannon’s expertise and advice is invaluable and her teaching method really breaks everything down to keep it from becoming overwhelming.

The Academy gave me the confidence to get my business going in the direction I wanted and help over come imposter syndrome.”  Laura Kamark


$997 value

This is a tight-knit group of web designers committed to building their freelance web design business – and sharing their unique skillsets with each other to help fill the skill gaps on client projects.

Leverage the power of this group to:

  • Ask for advice on marketing your business
  • Get advice on projects
  • Get help with selling or closing a sale
  • Get help dealing with difficult client situations
  • Quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) issue
  • Form valuable friendships (or partnerships)


$997 value

I host a monthly group coaching call for Web Designer Academy students.  It’s the one-on-one aspect of this coaching program that students love! It helps them get past those thoughts that are holding them back and helps them get confidence and clarity in their path forward.

90 Day Marketing Action Plan

$497 value

I’ll show you exactly how I market my web design business to make passive income attract my perfect client with a repeatable, step-by-step action plan that leaves no guesswork for what to do to market your web design business online.

Imagine if you could never feel like an imposter ever again.

What if you felt confident with every conversation you had with a potential client and confident in every recommendation you made?

What if you had access to a community of web designers with different strengths and talents you could tap into when you have a project that’s a little outside of your skillset?

What if you had a development system that saved you time so that you’d have time left over to work full time while you build your income, or have a family, or have a life (and keep your sanity)?


Great! I can’t wait to help you build the web design business of your dreams (faster than you thought possible)!

Here’s what happens next:

Select the payment option that works best for you, and then once you’ve enrolled, you’ll get a welcome email from me with a link to the course content plus your username and password – and information about any bonuses may have qualified for!

You can log in right away and get started with the first lesson, and join the Facebook group and introduce yourself!

The schedule for the monthly group coaching will be posted in the Facebook group, so mark your calendars for that. It’s the one-on-one aspect of this coaching program that students love! It helps them get past those thoughts that are holding them back and helps them get confidence and clarity in their path forward!








Save $367 



Questions about the web designer academy?

Great, I’ve got answers!

You’re a web designer, right? Why are you teaching other people how to do what you do? Aren’t you taking business away from yourself? Will there be enough business for me?

There’s plenty of web design work to go around!! And I don’t work for just anyone (and I’m going to teach you how to be picky about who you work with too!) And I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, either. This program will teach you how to set yourself apart and get the kind of clients you love to work with, and you are a unique snowflake who whose preference will be way different than mine 🙂

Will you teach me how to code?

This program does not teach you how to code, but it will teach you how to build an entire website with WordPress for clients without having to know how to code. If you want to learn to code, I recommend Skillcrush – they have the BEST coding classes out there. You don’t have to know how to code to build a thriving web design business with WordPress!

I loved building my own website, but I’m not confident I can do it for someone else.

This course will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be confident that you can do it for someone else.

I don’t know enough yet. I need to make sure I know everything about web design before I start this course.

You can learn as much you can fit into your head, and you’ll still come across a scenario you’ve never encountered before. This course will teach you how to deal with those issues and still deliver an awesome product. And by the way, that totally sounds your imposter syndrome talking —we’ll help you get rid of that negative voice in your head, too.

Why does it cost so much?

This program is the result of me investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in business coaching, systems analysis and sales training to turn my web design and coding skills into a thriving business that fits into my lifestyle. The price of the  Web Designer Academy costs a fraction of what it will cost you to figure it out all your own!

I can’t afford it.

I can’t tell you what you can and can’t afford, but I can tell you that this course isn’t just teaching you a skill, it’s teaching you how to earn a living from that skill. And if you’re committed to taking action, you’ll recoup the cost of the program and you’ll have a skillset that will allow you to continue to make money.

I already know how to build a website. Why do I need the Web Designer Academy?

The Web Designer Academy actually doesn’t teach you how to build websites, it teaches you how to build a thriving web design business!! 

What will set you apart from all the other web designers out there is the ability to solve a problem for your client, to communicate well, to deliver quality work on time and on budget. These skills are very different from those needed to build a website, and that’s what I teach you in the Web Designer Academy.

Plus, it teaches you how to earn money from your web design skills without needing to have clients, giving you a steady-stream of income rather than the feast or famine lifestyle many web designers live.

I already took a Skillcrush Blueprint for WordPress or [insert WordPress/coding training here]. Why do I need this course?

You are perfect for this course. If you’ve already got the WordPress/coding part down, this course teaches you how to turn those skills into a web design business – it’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

I promised myself I wouldn’t take any more courses. Why should I sign up for this one?

If you’re not an action taker, you shouldn’t sign up for this one. If you tend to buy courses and not complete them, this course isn’t for you. If you don’t implement what you learn, this course will be a waste of your time. 

Remember, this course teaches you how to brand yourself, market your business, get clients and what to do with them once you get them – if you never take the action to set it up, well, you won’t get any clients and you won’t need anything you’d learn in this course!

How much 1:1 attention will I get?

This course doesn’t include any 1:1 time unless you pay for the weekly group coaching option – which gives you access to a group conference call where you can ask your questions, get advice and get the benefit of others’ questions and answers.

It does includes access to a Facebook group where I answer questions a few times a week. If you want extra 1:1 consulting, you can always book time with me outside of this program and once you complete the program, you have the opportunity to become an intern and get lots of 1:1 time while you learn “on the job”.

How much time will it take?

Each module has an hour-long video, and then you’ll need to set aside 5-6 hours of implementation time each week. It’s up to you how fast you want to move through the content – but I highly recommend that you schedule it otherwise we all know what happens – life gets in the way. Pretend like you’re your own client and set aside time for YOU!

I have another question you didn’t answer here.

Awesome. Just email me at and I’m happy to answer it.

I hope you take a chance on yourself and sign up! You’ll be glad that you did, and I can’t wait to mentor you in the Web Designer Academy!!








Save $367