Do you ever wonder if anyone’s even looking at your website?

And no, your mom doesn’t count.

You get super excited when someone opts in to get your freebie, but do you have any idea how many people saw it and passed on it?

You know that to get more traffic to your site, you need to find out where your ideal customer hangs out at online and what they are interested in, but you’ve totally run out of ideas.

And honestly, you’re not even sure if you’re reaching your intended target audience!

You’re spending every waking moment on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and Blab promoting your website, but you have no idea which efforts are actually resulting in more traffic and more importantly, more subscribers.

You wonder how the people who are subscribing to your list found you because you want to reach more people just like them!

And you spent lots of time working on your keywords and making sure Yoast gave you a green light on every page and blog post, but you’re worried that your keywords might not really be what people would search for to find you.

Not having answers is driving you crazy, making you wonder if all this effort is worth it…

What would be possible if you knew exactly how many people were visiting your site, what characteristics those people have in common, and how they found you?

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to be on every single social media channel and were able to focus on the ones you knew were going to subscribe to your list?

What if you knew exactly what search terms people used to find you?

If you knew exactly what types of content resonated with your audience, how much more confident would you be about what to include in your next online course?

Guess what, BFF? The answers to these questions are waiting for you in your Google Analytics account.

Ugh, right? Just looking at that stuff gives you a headache! You check it out to see how many people have come to your site, but that’s about it. All you see when you open it is a bunch of numbers buried in a bunch of menus with complex names that only a nerd could love.

Who has the time – or the patience for that??!! You’d rather just keep doing what you’re doing and hope it’s working than try to figure out what you’re even looking at in the Google Analytics dashboard, amiright?

That’s exactly why I created the Google Analytics Master Class!

I’ll show you exactly what you need to know to take action and make decisions to get more people to your site and convert them to subscribers – and not waste time on what you don’t need to know!

When you take the Google Analytics Master Class, you’ll discover exactly how to find out every last detail about the people that are visiting your site and learn strategies to reach more people just like them.

You’ll learn how to figure out how many people are opting in – and how many people are NOT with strategies for increasing conversions.

You’ll discover exactly what words people are typing into Google to find your website so that you can make sure your SEO efforts are working – or tweak them if you need to.

And you’ll find out exactly which social media efforts are resulting in the most subscribers so that you can focus your time and energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Master Class an online course?

Yep! Just like all my other courses, you can take this one online at your convenience.

Where can I get help?

I’ll answer all your questions in the WP+BFF Facebook Group as usual!


 $37 – Buy Now