What if you lost everything you worked so hard to build in an instant?


As a new business owner you’ve got your plate full with creating content, marketing, selling and serving your clients. Website security is the last thing on your mind.

Until you wake up one morning to find an email from your hosting company telling you that your site has malware and they have shut you down to keep you from infected other sites.

Or someone tells you they Googled you and saw a warning that your site may be infected with malware – a big old scarlet letter right there on your listing.

Or you click that button to update a plugin and all you see is a white screen with some rando code, so you call your hosting company who restores a 2-month old backup and wipes out 60 days of hard work and progress!


This happens more than you’d like to think, but it doesn’t have to happen to you!


I’m sharing this with you not to scare you, but to make you aware that of the risks that are out there. And when your entire business is ONLINE, you have to protect yourself!

Hosting companies may keep backups for you, but they don’t take the care and consideration of weighing the pros and cons of restoring a backup, and they certainly aren’t taking nightly backups!

Shared hosting accounts get infected from other infected websites and your security plugin isn’t going to stop that! Before you know it, your site is shut down you’re being told the only way to get your site back up is to pay for an extra security service on your hosting account.

I’ve been through this before, and it is SO FRUSTRATING!!!


And that’s exactly why I created my WordPress Protection Package!


When you subscribe to the WP+BFF WordPress Protection Package, I’ll do more than back your site up every single night.

More than just making sure that all your plugins and themes are up-to-date so hackers can’t get in.

More than just scanning for malware so you can sleep tight at night and not have to worry about losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

I’ll do all of those things – but what sets this service apart from all the backup and security plugins out there is that when something goes wrong (and I can guarantee you the day will come when you have a plugin conflict or someone else’s site on your shared hosted infects your site) I’ll fix it for you and make sure you can get your site restored and as close to normal as possible given the circumstances.

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Focus on your business and know that your site is being kept updated, backed up and secure.

Here’s what’s included:

Weekly plugin, theme and WordPress updates

Daily backups

Malware scanning & cleanup

Priority support if your site breaks!

My current hourly rate for a Power Hour is $147 – and that’s about how long it takes me to fix a broken WordPress site. That’s nearly 15 months of this service while it’s on sale! So think of the WP+BFF WordPress Protection package as your website insurance policy!


But don’t just take my word for it – here’s what my BFFs have to say:


“I purchased the WP BFF protection plan for my site this year and I am so glad I did! Not even 2 months into the year and my site crashed because of a compatibility error and if not for the protection plan with Shannon I would have lost ALL of my hard work. I mean hours of learning the ropes on WP and tweaking images here and there and getting every button, optin, side bar and widget just right.

I switched to WordPress from another provider so I could have control over every detail but was concerned about losing the security that was provided for me.

Shannon has done an amazing job supporting my site and saving it from any threats that come up. If you are anything like me and value your online presence and security be sure you spring for this package. It is beyond worth it to invest in the online face of your business!” Lindsay Weisenthal, Norwalk CT  www.soulrising.com

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