When yoU HAVE AN ONLINE BUSINESS, YOU WANT to have someone in your corner who cares as much ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE AS YOU DO.

BFF, I totally get it. As a busy side hustler or entrepreneur, you’re focused on creating content, marketing, selling and serving your clients, the last thing you want worry about is remembering to update plugins!

That’s why I created the WordPress Protection Package.

When you subscribe to the WordPress Protection Package, here’s what you get:

  • Daily backups with 30 days of backups stored so that if we do need to restore a backup, you have a choice.
  • Plugins updated twice-weekly so that you’re always a step ahead of hackers that want to exploit old versions of plugins.
  • Theme update checks done twice weekly and updated when needed so that hackers can’t exploit old theme code.
  • Malware prevention, scanning and cleanup as needed – because while we can prevent the majority of it, those smart little hackers can be pretty sneaky at times!

What sets the WordPress Protection Package apart is that if something goes wrong, I’ve got your back.  You’ve got someone in your corner that understands what’s at stake and doesn’t talk in tech language that you don’t care about when you just want to get your site up and running!!


ENROLL NOW – $19.97 a Month

Or, pay for an entire year’s subscription and get 2 months free!

ANNUAL PLAN – $199.70 a YEAR

But don’t just take my word for it – here’s what my BFFs have to say:

If not for the WordPress Protection Package, Lindsay would have lost hours and hours of work:

“I purchased the WP BFF protection plan for my site this year and I am so glad I did! Not even 2 months into the year and my site crashed because of a compatibility error and if not for the protection plan with Shannon I would have lost ALL of my hard work. I mean hours of learning the ropes on WP and tweaking images here and there and getting every button, optin, side bar and widget just right.

I switched to WordPress from another provider so I could have control over every detail but was concerned about losing the security that was provided for me.

Shannon has done an amazing job supporting my site and saving it from any threats that come up. If you are anything like me and value your online presence and security be sure you spring for this package. It is beyond worth it to invest in the online face of your business!” Lindsay Weisenthal, Norwalk CT  www.soulrising.com

If not for the WordPress Protection Package, Sarah would have had to start rebuilding her website from scratch.

“I have just spent the last hour doing a chat back and forth with my hosting company because all of my formatting is off and is not longer personalized to my brand. I’m hoping that the WordPress Protection Plan can pull up and reset my website back to how it was a few weeks ago…”

My response?

Hi Sarah! Yes, this is covered under the WordPress Protection Package!

I have backups going back to May 31, so we can definitely get this restored and back to how it was a few weeks ago. Can you let me know a date that you want to restore – like after you posted your latest piece of content but before this happened? Not to worry, we’ll get you all squared away! Just let me know that date and I’ll restore your backup.

Sarah’s response?

“Thank you Shannon!!!!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am!  Thank you a million! Best money I spend each month!!!!”

If you want that kind of support just an email away, then sign up for the WordPress Protection Package today!

ENROLL NOW – $19.97 a Month

Or, pay for an entire year’s subscription and get 2 months free!

ANNUAL PLAN – $199.70 a YEAR